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Acupuncture at FUSHIMI balance Acupuncture

FUSHIMI Balance Acupuncture (FBA) applies the pioneering techniques of Grand-Master Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan.  Dr. Fushimi is fully trained and certified in all of Dr. Tan’s advanced practices, and has successfully helped ease the pain and suffering for many patients. Here are some of the methods employed:

  • Balance Method Acupuncture: Needles are NOT applied at the problem area, but away from the pain center (usually the extremities, ears or head). This method has shown to promote immediate relief.
  • Five Element Strategy: Dr. Tan’s unique & effective method for treating extreme cases, such as extreme Heat, extreme deficiency, etc.
  • I Ching-Ba Gua: This is the origin of Oriental philosophy and medicine, dating back over 3,000 years. FBA’s treatment program is developed from this ancient knowledge
  • Three Essentials Reading: FBA uses the three Essentials concept: (1) Timing, (2) Environment and (3) Relationship. Your symptoms are analyzed from these different perspectives in order to develop the most effective treatment routine.

FBA’s advanced understanding of Oriental medicine will be utilized to formulate the most beneficial treatment plan to promote your healing. If you decide to start treatment, the following important elements must be considered.  Consistent and frequent treatments, specifically in the first few weeks, are needed to maximize efficacy. If only casual treatment is provided, the effectiveness of acupuncture will decrease.  In Western medicine, if you are given antibiotics, you must finish the prescribed dosage to receive the benefits. It is the same with acupuncture.

At the FBA clinic, we will work together as a team.  Your acupuncturist serves as your advisor and provides the best methods for treatment. You dedicate the time needed for your treatment. Our collaboration will activate your energy field to remove the stubborn chronic symptoms from your system.

At the first consultation, please plan to budget 90 minutes for a thorough assessment and consultation with Dr. Fushimi.  She will use this time to formulate a suitable treatment plan for your concerns.

We are here to help resolve your concerns and promote a healthier lifestyle. Your well-being is essential for a happy life. We will accomplish this together with acupuncture, herbs, and other therapies.

FUSHIMI Balance Acupuncture values communication and interaction during the entire treatment period.  Your understanding and trust are important, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Please contact us by calling 714-731-5433 or 949-233-2883 or email us by clicking here.

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