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Relief from back pain without drugs

Severe pain for 8 years: So I had a major injury in 2010 at work. Been dealing with pain for 8yrs now. Workers comp approved acupuncture of all things for pain relief, so gave it a try here. AMAZING!!!!!!!For the first time in 8 years, I have relief from back pain without drugs! I also have regained considerable feeling in my left leg!!! Yuri Fushimi is not only a great acupuncturist, but also kind and truly caring! Who would think that I would look forward to an appointment to have needles stuck in me?!?! I have never had acupuncture before, and went in with an open mind. Now I’m a BELIEVER!! I highly recommend giving this a try if you suffer from chronic pain! A huge Thank You goes out from me to Yuri Fushimi!!!!!!!! I just can’t say enough nice things about my experience!


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