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Why to choose FUSHIMI Balance Acupuncture

1. Personalized treatment plan
FBA spend 1.5 hours at the first visit to formulate the most effective treatment plan by assessing and discussing with you. You and the acupuncturist will be the team to achieve your goal.

2. High quality of care
FBA practices Balance Acupuncture Method, which can treat locally, functionally, or mentally unbalanced disorders. Needles are not applied in the problem area, but on the distal area, usually extremities, ears or head. This has shown to promote immediate relief. Dr. Fushimi is practicing Balance Acupuncture method since 2015.

FBA motto is “Coming in with Sad, Going out with a Happy.” Please ask us for acute or chronic cases, as well as functional disorders or suffering from non-healing or difficult problems.

3. Highly trained and knowledgeable practitioner
Dr. Fushimi earned all certifications taught by Dr. Eileen Han and other direct disciples of Dr.Tan and spent countless hours to develop the skills and intuitive knowledge so that Dr. Yuri can provide the best care.

Dr. Fushimi is practicing I Ching/Ba Gua, the ancient oriental philosophy, which is the origin of Oriental Medicine dated back over 3,000 years.

She uses Five element theory in her treatment. This method is used especially extreme case either deficiency or excess.

She is the practitioner of Ba Zi, Three Essentials, which views (1) timing (2) Environment (3) relationship. Your symptoms can be seen from the different perspectives to determine the most effective treatment.

4. Privacy
FBA has private rooms that provide a calm and relaxing environment to promote healing process.

5. A Happy, Compassionate, and full of Energy Acupuncturist
Dr. Fushimi’s motivation to provide acupuncture is to see the improvement of clients’ problems. She will feel grateful when her clients get well. Her best effort splashes with her smile and passion.

Thank you for the opportunity to let me help you for the well-being

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